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Ice cream rolls 
Ice cream rolls is made with vanilla based cream in flavors of Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee and Mango combined with various fresh ingredients and different toppings served with the freshly made ice cream rolls.  Fresh fruit or other choices such as chocolate, green tea, or strawberry are blended with the cream, while sometimes extract powder or syrups are used to create the flavor. To make ice cream rolls, the mixture is first poured into a -18 to -21 degree C metal pan. The ice cream maker uses two metal spatulas to mix and stir the mixture, which freezes and solidifies. The maker will add and grind different toppings like nuts, chocolate chips, and fruits to increase the texture of the ice cream. By continuously mixing and stirring in the cold pan, a scoop of stir-fried ice cream is created. 
Hello everyone, 

Welcome to the FLAVORS of THE ICE-CREAM....
As you Step into FLAVORS , our staff welcomes you warm heartened and takes you to the world of Ice-Creams and indulge's in irresistible flavors of Ice- Cream offered with our super premium quality.

And the names of our scoop cups gonna make you feel amazing...
Starting from the smallest of all with 1 scoop size per serving... The Mickey..!!

And there goes next the size of 2 scoops..... The Captain..!!

And the very next with a really big large 3 scoops.... The Phantom...!!!

For all these scoops we also have a new variety of toppings...!!! yyyuummmyyy....!!! 

And we also have a Variety of waffle cones and waffles bowls to all these scoops of ice creams or sherbets of your choice.

Our shakes are made of the finest ice creams of any flavors you choose (limited up-to 3 ). With whipping cream and a cherry on top. And YES... you can also add any other flavor toppings too...!! :D :D

Smoothies are delicious and blending of best ingredients for ultimate and supernatural taste. And the Ingredients are...Shhhhh....IT'S A SECRET..!!! :P :P 

Oh yeah..., We also have Indian delicacies including Kulfi- falooda-Gola Ganda and much more.

Visit us and we help you to find more about US...!!
Our Sizes

The Phantom

The Mickey

The Captain ​​

The Captain
The Phantom